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Samsung Galaxy S8 due for release in 2017 and will be an event that will have the task of reviving the fortunes of the company, uncertain and bleak after one of Samsung's flagship product the Notes 7-was withdrawn for big problems to malfunction. On the launch of the Galaxy S 8, the South Korean company is focusing to restore luster to its image. And to that end would be studying an unusual marketing move to win back customers disappointed by the recent flop.

According to the information site, in fact, the Samsung is reportedly mulling over whether to give you read that right, a gift-a number of smartphone belonging to the latest model to those who underwent preventive withdrawal of their notes 7 to prevent further accidents. 

In doing so, also, the South Korean company would solve the problem of the substitution of 7 Notes to the owners who viewed withdrawn for safety reasons the smartphone previously purchased. According to the Express, the news was confirmed by sources inside the company, though still there is no official statement from Samsung. 

Among the rumors from this site, most viral videos of many circulating on the web about the model that will be launched in 2017, there is that the new S8 would inside a next-generation laser system able to monitor blood pressure, skin conditions, heart rate and other parameters to control our health. 

Rumors that combined with the powerful marketing operation that Samsung is reportedly devising-increase even more the curiosity of many technology enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Offing, Samsung will release the latest note series that is Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 2017. We are still waiting for the official announcement about the release date and price.

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