How to Fix Video Issues on Apple TV

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Video issues on Apple TV

When you are watching video on Apple TV, surely you won’t be happy if your TV’s visual output to the television display is not as expected. You probably see the output to the video display is just black, frozen, or blurred on the screen. When it happens to you, we can’t tell you the particular reason right away because it can be caused by a variety of reasons and manifests in different ways. If you don’t want to bring your Apple TV to an Apple Store to get it fixed, you probably want to try several potential solutions of how to fix video issues on Apple TV.

Necessary steps of how to fix video issues on Apple TV

If you have video issues on Apple TV, as we mentioned before, we can’t blame the particular reason for the problem right away, especially before we do several diagnostic steps to find out the reason. Therefore, follow the steps below about how to fix video issues on Apple TV:

1. Diagnose the possible issue on the television, cables, and peripherals.

You can start with diagnosing if you have set the TV’s source to your Apple TV HDMI connection. Next, make sure that all cables are fine and correctly plugged. Then try to connect the wires directly to the television if you have it going through home theater receivers, splitters, repeaters or switches to ensure that there’s no issue with the peripheral used.

2. Diagnose the potential problem of the Apple TV

To make sure that the Apple TV is excellent, verify the Apple TV power cable to ensure it has been correctly turned on, or try another outlet to plug its power cable. Continue with rebooting your Apple TV using the remote, then check if the issue is resolved when it is turned back on. Finally, try to identify the problem by changing the output resolution of the Apple TV. You can go to Settings > Audio and Video and then adjust the HDMI and display settings of your Apple TV. This step may be quite difficult to do when it has a black screen issue so that you can try the different method. If you use 4th generation, only hold Menu and Volume Down button for 5 seconds. This step will get your Apple TV to switch the resolution every 20 seconds. You can use the OK button to choose a resolution or Cancel if you wish to quit. While if you use 2nd or 3rd generation, you need to hold Menu and Up for 5 seconds to make it switching the resolution every 20 seconds.

If one of the diagnostic steps above brings you to a precise reason for the video issues, you can fix it right away to get everything back to normal. Otherwise, if after performing several potential solutions for the video issues, if none of the steps above of how to fix video issues on Apple TV works for the problem, it is probably, you need to get some other help.

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